Podcasters Across Borders Conference – A Great Success

June 26, 2006 Suzana Popovic-Montag New Media Observations Tags: , , , , , , , 0 Comments

Ian has just returned back from spending some time at the Podcasters Across Borders Conference. The Conference was a chance for Podcasters all over the world to get together and talk about their Podcasting experience. There were Podcasters from as far a way as the U.K. and throughout Canada and the U.S.

Friday night was a real highlight as the attendees were treated to a speech from none other than Shelagh Rogers of CBC’s Sounds Like Canada. Shelagh was just back from Edmonton where she had her hair cut off in support of her friend who is suffering from cancer. Shelagh did this to raise money for the local Edmonton cancer research centre.

Shelagh is a supportive Podcaster and has her own Podcast. She told the audience about her Podcasting experience and she offered some important advice.

She reminded us to always use a sentence beginning with a subject followed by a verb and an object. She suggested that we use direct and active verbs when we speak and NEVER use terms like "everyone". She indicated that we should talk to the listeners as though they are right in the room with you and not to address an audience generally.

Ian asked her a question during the question and answer period. He asked her how we can take the often dry and business-like topics such as legal Podcasts and make them more interesting. In response, she laughed and said that she was recently tested with such a scenario when she had to spend endless shows on the softwood lumber issue.

Her advice was to prepare well for the Podcast and then tell a story.

Finally she reminded the Podcasters audience that you need not strive for perfection, excellence will do just fine!

If you want to follow up on more of the learning from the conference listen to the organizer’s Podcast, The Canadian Buffet. http://www.canadianpodcastbuffet.ca/ Ian and I hope to try out Shelagh’s suggestions and hopefully we will produce a better quality Podcast!

All the best, Suzana and Ian. ——–

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